Our People

Charles van Oppen

Charles van Oppen Consultant

"If a job is worth doing it's worth doing well"

Charles' passion and enthusiasm for professionalism in the risk and insurance business is infectious. Whilst committed to keeping things simple, Charles knows that the devil is in the detail.

He enjoys designing, planning and overseeing projects to make sure they deliver on time, on spec and on budget. Not limited by convention, Charles is influential in championing people and ideas that he believes in. He gets enormous pleasure in delighting customers and sharing in their success.

Chris Valentine

Chris Valentine Consultant

"Making things look obvious is an art form"

Chris has the tremendous ability to listen to a range of customer issues and rationalise them into a framework that is so simple it seams obvious; in fact you can't believe you didn't think of it yourself!

He is a source of innovation yet pragmatic support and advice, whether it is  to facilitate strategic thinking, develop and support a business case, or analyse and create novel solutions to complex issues.

Chris operates with confidence and experience at a senior level to provide leading edge solutions to our customers in a professional and consistent manner.

Andy Lister

Andy Lister Consultant

"Recognises individual requirements"

Andy combines an easy going manner with a commitment to delivering customer service. He approaches every project with a fresh outlook and a willingness to listen, explore and map out each customer's requirement.

Andy blends experience, innovation and integrity into all projects, and applies these with great enthusiasm.

Alison Biddulph

Alison Biddulph Analyst

"Making sense of data gives me a buzz"

Alison takes professional data management to a new level. Using her wealth of insurance experience, Alison is an expert at mapping, collecting, validating and analysing data as well as solving issues that crop up along the way.

Alison is extremely conscientious and attentive to customer requirements and takes pride in organising complex data into meaningful exhibits.

David Panzetta

David Panzetta Analyst

"It's all in the planning and preparation"

David provides the calm needed to remain consistent and methodical in the face of tight deadlines. He brings a raft of technical knowledge gained from supporting big businesses manage and administrate their insurance programmes.

Bags of initiative and spades of experience, David is an unstoppable force when it comes to data analysis and workflow projects. David is always ready with a helping hand.

Wayne Freeman

Wayne Freeman Production

"Panning for gold requires sifting the sand"

Wayne brims with enthusiasm and creative talent. He works with our project teams to produce effective and stunning communications using web, audio-visual and printed media.

Working with the TBIAS directors for over a decade, Wayne has played a major role in developing award-winning insurance underwriting submissions. He has a solid understanding of the processes and content; and particularly enjoys working with business clients.

Kim-Anh Nguyen

Kim-Anh Nguyen Consultant

"Delivering results with a smile..."

Kim-Anh puts the customer at the heart of every project. She diligently and calmly meets the challenge of whatever assignments are required and enthusiastically learns new skills. Well organised and efficient, Kim-Anh has an aptitude at keeping all facets of projects on track. Possessing an excellent eye for visual detail and design, Kim-Anh goes above and beyond to provide the wow factor in bringing reports to life.

Kim-Anh graduated from Durham University in 2013 in Human Geography and is committed to professional development and studying for the ACII.

George Eagle

George Eagle Consultant

"A mind for numbers"

George is a skilled analyst who enjoys the challenge of ‘big data’.

George is innovative and makes light work of evaluating efficient ways to collect, collate, validate and produce meaningful risk exposure and claims reports.  His approach ensures projects deliver accurate and auditable results in a timely manner.

George has a degree in Mathematics and is studying for the ACII, specialising in Risk.

Daneile Hicks

Daneile Hicks Consultant

"Exceeding client expectations..."

Daneile’s warm personality makes it easy for her to build rapport and collaborate with diverse teams.

She thrives in fast paced environments and is committed to meeting our clients objectives in the most effective and efficient manner.

Having a wide range of knowledge in finance, budgeting, strategy and IFRS audits, she is uniquely equipped to provide insightful solutions and support to finance teams of various sizes and complexity.